Recruiting in the United States

Whether your company is based in the United States or internationally, finding the best candidate for an open position requires a network of trusted research associates and business executives. At Kuhn Global Talent, our Talent Sourcing Specialists identify and engage passive and active candidates for the skill set, experience and personality that will best fit the position requirements and the culture of your company.

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Recruiting Internationally

Globally, we are uniquely qualified to ensure the placement of the best candidates for each specific position. Our international experience, cultural sensitivity, integrity and world-wide connections allow us to offer high quality candidate sourcing and placement in over thirty countries. International companies interested in expanding their business into the United States benefit from the recruiting experience and business connections Kuhn Global Talent offers its clients. Additionally, businesses based in the U.S. that are interested in international expansion profit from Kuhn Global Talent’s recruiting specialists located in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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Global Business Growth

Along with expertise in talent acquisition, the experienced professionals within Kuhn Global Talent have successfully assisted businesses with goals of global growth:

  • Expanding into a new country
  • Recruiting qualified candidates
  • Understanding cultural, HR, legal and financial differences

We offer advice, recommendations and strategy guidance for businesses interested in starting, building or expanding their business in over thirty countries.

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About Us

Quality is the foundation upon which all our services are based. We use our experience, networks, and time to confidentially source, impress, and attract the right candidates on behalf of our client companies. Using this process Jim Kuhn, founder and CEO of Kuhn Global Talent, has effectively completed hundreds of searches since 1988 and provided clients with extraordinary recruiting investment value. Jim’s global business knowledge and cross-cultural agility are particularly valued by U.S.-based companies building leadership teams in other countries, and by non-U.S. companies desiring a cross-culturally sensitive search approach. 

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