In the last Blog, I provided my perspective on COURAGE as the concept relates to Kuhn Global Talent’s values. Courage can also be considered the foundation for our other values of CARING, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and HARD WORK.

Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others, our clients and our candidates, is what CARING means to us.

After all, our purpose is “To connect individuals and companies so they build meaningful employment relationships which provide growth and value.”


Caring About Clients

We sincerely care about our clients’ needs and wants. We express our care in person and via each communication whether it’s via phone, e-mail, Skype video conference, or text.

We earn clients’ trust by adjusting our fee structures according to each client’s “search value equation” which reflects the relative importance between the variables of cost, speed, quantity, and administrative matters.

We actively listen to understand each company’s goals, priorities and recruitment needs.

We follow up after placements have been made to ensure the right fit for a long, successful career.

We are both receptive and responsive to clients’ unique perspectives, while at the same time we communicate with sensitivity and diplomacy our experiences and suggestions, even if they don’t exactly fit what the client wants to hear.

We provide all sorts of additional information to clients on the countries we recruit in (such as- surveys on economics, compensation, benefits, etc; history and culture training, security updates, legal, visa, and employment regulations, introductions to trusted and helpful providers of other services, etc.)


Caring About Candidates

We are delighted to frequently hear from prospective and active candidates that they find Kuhn Global Talent associates “different” than other recruiters. The things we hear that differentiate us are:

*The humility and respect we demonstrate.

*Quick responses.

*Thorough provision of information about the position and the hiring company.

*Honest feedback.

*We do the right things and always follow through.

*Continued career coaching.

*Passionate and sincere communications that accurately reflect the value of the opportunity and how it fits the candidate’s needs and wants.


We care very much and it shows in everything we do.

Next, I will give some thoughts on the values of Honesty and Integrity.


Wishing you the best,

Jim Kuhn

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