Current Searches and 2015 Results

Current Searches for Specialty Chemicals and Manufacturing companies-



President (NJ)

VP, HR (Mfg. Cleveland)

VP, Operations (Pharmaceutical)

Executive Director,

Senior Intl. Tax Mgr.

Global Sales Leader -Coatings

Global Technology Leader- Coatings

Principal Electron Beam Accelerator Engineer



Business Director- Oleochemicals Chemicals (Brussels)

Product Mgr. (UK)



Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Director (Paper Machine Clothing Mfg.)



General Manager (USD 100 million specialty chemicals co.)

Managing Director, Asia Pacific



22 searches completed in China, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil and the USA

7 in China (Sr. Tec Mgr, Regional HR Dir., Security Mgr. Regional Communications Mgr.,..)

9 in USA  (Sr. HRBP, GM, SCM Mgr.; Electrical Eng., Sr. Recruiter…)

Brazil (Tech Sales Mgr)

India (Regional Dir. SCM)

Belgium (Dir. Customer Service)

France (Dir. OFC, Tech Sales Mgr)

Italy (Tech Sales Mgr)



34 searches completed in China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, France, and the USA.

SC Director – Latin America based in Rio de Janeiro for $1 billion specialty chemicals company

Oilfield Chemicals Commercial Director – EMEA based in Basel, Switzerland   “​

EMEA Sales Director – Publication Inks, based in the Netherlands

Global Security Director – based in USA

Sr. HR Manager – USA

Sales Manager- South Korea based in Seoul

Sr. Mfg Eng Mgr – USA for $110 million global specialty chemicals company

Regional HR Director – EMEA & India for $1 billion spec chem co based in Paris

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