Global Business Growth with KGT’s Assistance

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Along with expertise in talent acquisition, the experienced professionals within Kuhn Global Talent have successfully assisted businesses with goals of global growth:

  • Expanding into a new country
  • Recruiting qualified candidates
  • Understanding cultural, HR, legal and financial differences

We offer advice, recommendations and strategy guidance for businesses interested in starting, building or expanding their business in over thirty countries.

It Takes More than Talent

Although finding and placing the right candidates is a critical component to any business expansion, growing your business outside of your own country requires more.

At KGT we not only assist with finding and placing quality candidates we are also experienced in helping businesses:

  • Connect with local vendors for real estate, taxes, financial and legal assistance.
  • Establish country specific Human Resource policies and procedures.
  • Create comprehensive operational plans that meet with the local requirements.

Even though English may be the accepted universal language for business in many developed countries, the practices and procedures are vastly different.

You will need to partner with a company that has years of business growth experience in a variety of countries to help with your business expansion plans. KGT is that business partner.

Breaking Down Barriers

The Internet and global business growth has created a much smaller world, however, it is still a world filled with unique differences, rich culture and history. To ignore a country’s diversity would be detrimental to any company looking to expand into another country.

At KGT we have long established relationships and experiences in China, India, the Americas, and EU and we offer our clients assistance with:

  • Breaking down the language barriers.
  • Understanding cultural differences in the workplace.
  • Managing the time zones.
  • Sharing best practice experiences of other companies who have expanded globally.

Partnering with Experience

Why go it alone?

We have extraordinary expertise in the Consumer Products & Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Healthcare, R & D, Finance, Retail, and Sales & Marketing sectors. Additionally, because of our deep acumen in executive search processes, we can be effective in virtually all business sectors, functional areas, and in all countries.

Contact us today to learn more about the assistance KGT can provide in you quest to expand your business.