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Blog from Jim Kuhn, founder of Kuhn Global Talent, LLC, on the values that guide KGT’s relationships and operations –

Wow – I am grateful for the comments I’ve received after launching KGT’s new logo that proudly displays the image of a lion in it.

Before discussing the symbolism behind the lion (courage, caring, and strength), I’d like to mention the conversations I’ve been having about the 24/7 nature of our recruiting business:

  • You may be thinking- “What’s that have to do with lions?”
  • It’s interesting that the lion is considered by many ancient cultures to be a solar animal symbol, however it is primarily a nocturnal creature, conducting its hunting activity mostly at night.
  • Well, there you have it – KGT conducts our work when the sun is rising and setting in different parts of the world simultaneously! We follow the sun and the moon to maintain effective and timely communications with clients and candidates – whether they are in the US, Latin America, the EU, or Asia Pacific. This requires hard work backed by mental and physical fitness.
  • This also serves as a symbolic message of balance and sound judgment. In that the lion shares the world of both night and day, the lion bears a message of prudence to us.
  • In other words, the lion asks us to not overdo in certain areas of our lives. Rather, keep an even mind and an overall balance in our life activities.
  • What a paradox! Working across 18 hour “days” while enjoying and caring for family, nurturing our faith, helping our communities and staying healthy is not easy.
  • Few recruiting teams are able to sustainably thrive in the truly global talent market.
  • KGT is fortunate to be comprised of 14 individuals across the globe who have the work ethic and passion required to achieve consistent results. We maintain our productivity by constant communications, honestly caring about each other, having fun, and helping each other.

Thank you for your thoughts. Next time, let’s discuss – COURAGE.

Wishing the best,


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