International Recruitment

Globally, we are uniquely qualified to ensure the placement of the best candidates for each specific position. Our international experience, cultural sensitivity, integrity and world-wide connections allow us to offer high quality candidate sourcing and placement in over thirty countries.

At KGT we work directly with our clients and candidates. There are no other participants in the recruiting engagement like consortiums or franchise networks of boutique search firms to add cost or interfere in the relationship or the recruiting process.

International companies interested in expanding their business into the United States benefit from the recruiting experience and business connections Kuhn Global Talent offer its clients.

Additionally, businesses based in the U.S. that are interested in international expansion profit from Kuhn Global Talent’s recruiting specialists located in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

U.S. Companies Expanding Internationally

International expansion is exciting and challenging. Hiring managers within United States-based companies are faced with finding candidates overseas as corporations broaden their base. The challenge is:

  • Understanding cultural differences.
  • Establishing connections.
  • Finding candidates.
  • Time zone issues.

Recruiting firms with international connections not only have access to more qualified candidates, they also save the hiring managers time, money, energy, effort and often legal concerns.

At KGT we specialize in helping place candidates in China, The Americas, the EU, and India. For years we have established a variety of valuable contacts, both recruiting specialists as well as highly skilled professionals.

We work around the clock, so time zone issues are of little concern, to stay connected with leaders in a variety of industries.

If your company is expanding internationally or has manufacturing, sales or management positions to fill in a country outside the United States, contact us. We can help.

International Companies Expanding in the U.S.

In recent years we have seen a growing interest in companies based in Asia, India, the EU, and South America opening up offices in the United States. Strong professional connections are required to expand into any country other than your own, and that is where KGT has been successful.

We have effectively worked directly with companies interested in opening offices in the United States, bringing jobs and economic growth to those U.S.-based communities.

As a recruiting firm that has long-term relationships with companies, vendors, suppliers and candidates, we can assist you in quickly staffing and opening your United States office.

Global Recruiting Experience

We haven’t just dipped our toe in the global arena. Jim Kuhn, founder and president of KGT has almost three solid decades of domestic and international recruiting experience.

Jim, along with his team, rely upon a trusted network of search research professionals in China, India, the Americas, and the EU and relationships built and maintained around the world during the past 25 years Additionally, we use cutting edge talent technologies to complete searches that meet the unique desires and needs of our clients with respect to their value equation of speed, retention, quantity, and cost.

If global recruitment is your company’s need, KGT are the recruiting experts that can help. Contact us today to learn more.