Why is Relationship-Based Recruiting Important?

Recruiting may feel like a numbers game; the more candidates, the better options. However, at KGT, we believe that relationships are more important than numbers. That’s why we take the time to understand not only the education, skills and experience the candidate must have but also the environment, culture and vision of your organization.


Our experience has proven that genuine human relationships are the most important factor in recruiting. Here’s why:

Our Business Client:

  • As we take time to understand you, your company and your business goals, we not only find the best quality candidates for your current needs but we also keep your business in mind for potential candidates that might meet future needs.
  • Over time we learn your business strategy and become more familiar with your company culture so that we can anticipate your needs as your business grows and additional opportunities become available.
  • Our relationship helps us understand your business and your place in the industry so that we can be ever aware of potential opportunities for movement of candidates within other companies in your same category.
  • The learning curve in relationship-based recruiting is almost non-existent as we become an extension of your company through our repeat engagements.

Our Potential Candidates:

  • Our talent researchers spend time developing relationships with the professionals seeking new opportunities; to better understand their strengths and where they will be the best fit.
  • These relationships allow us to understand the candidate on a deeper level than the resume might present which in turn, allows us to make better talent placements.
  • Once candidates are placed, the relationship of trust we have developed leads to the introduction of new professionals who may, at some point, be interested in new challenges.
  • Candidates placed internationally continue to assist KGT by sharing their current knowledge of trends and business practices in other countries, thereby allowing KGT to extend this new information to our business clients.

Recruiting Relationships are based on Trust

Trusted relationships around the world, built during the past 25 years, provide the social foundation upon which KGT’s searches are performed. Caring, honesty, integrity, hard work and commitment are the hallmarks of the authenticity experienced by our clients and candidates.

KGT constantly demonstrates that people’s desire to connect with each other and with organizations that provide meaning is at the root of social media technology. In the race to find, recruit and hire the right candidate, usually a personal phone call to a trusted connection trumps the speed of an online search.

Contact us today to learn more about how we work and how a relationship with Kuhn Global Talent can benefit your company.