4 Creative Ideas to Help Recruit Diverse Talent

It’s no secret that diversity is a competitive advantage for nearly every business. While top of mind for most leaders, achieving workplace diversity is often difficult, especially for businesses located in homogeneous areas.  

This blog will take a deeper dive into four creative ideas to help your business recruit more diverse candidates. 

Idea #1: Ensure Your Organization Has an Inclusive and Inviting Environment

Before you embark on your journey to build out a more diverse workforce, it’s imperative first to provide an inclusive and inviting workplace where all employees feel welcome and valued. If you need some tangible tips, check out our prior post on How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion at Your Organization

It’s also important to call out somewhere on your website your commitment to diversity and inclusion. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just an honest and authentic public commitment. Feel free to check out the Diversity and Inclusion page from Kuhn Global Talent for some ideas. 

Idea #2: Join Diversity-Focused LinkedIn Groups

Where do racially diverse professionals like to network and connect with peers from a digital perspective? LinkedIn, of course! With over 500 million users, following and contributing to conversations across diversity-focused LinkedIn groups is a fantastic and meaningful way to build connections with the minority population. 

Here are a few groups to get you started:

Global Diversity and Inclusion in the WorkplaceThis group is composed of professional business people from across the globe, discussing ways to initiate and implement diversity and inclusion principles in the organizations they are at. 

Gen X Diversity & Inclusion ProfessionalsThis group has been formed initially as an open group for discussion about diversity & inclusion issues in general and in particular for those Gen X Diversity & Inclusion practitioners who will be, in many situations, accepting the leadership torches from the baby boomer pioneers in the D&I space.

National Black MBA AssociationThis organization is dedicated to developing partnerships that result in creating intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. In collaboration with over 400 of the country’s top business organizations, the association has inroads into a wide range of industries as well as the public and private sectors.

Idea #3: Advertise Your Job Postings In Unique, Diverse Channels

Each day, the average American is estimated to be exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 ads. With so much noise in advertising, how do you stick out to a very targeted demographic? The trick is figuring out where your desired candidates are spending their time and then advertising there. Test out posting job ads to online forums, magazines, and websites that are frequently visited by underrepresented groups. 

Idea #4: Seek Out Candidates From Diverse Job Boards

You’d be surprised just how many unique and highly targeted job boards there are. Whether you’re looking for a job board that only works with veterans to one that focuses on the Latino population, expand your job postings to targeted job boards. 

Listed below are a few of the many examples:

Diversity.com – Considered one of the largest networks of diverse candidates, Diversity.com offers an inclusive environment for people of color to explore job opportunities. 

Kuhn Global Talent (KGT) – With a global presence, KGT is a premier recruiting partner that helps organizations attract and hire more diverse talent. 

Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association (HLPA) – The HLPA is dedicated to matching the nation’s best Hispanic/Latino talent with companies committed to diversity, considered by many to be the authority of job boards for the Hispanic/Latino community. 

Pink Jobs – This free job posting site helps LGBT-friendly employers target (but not exclusive) to LGBT individuals.  

Hire Autism – Hire Autism is made for individuals on the autism spectrum – offering a job board, direct access to local employment opportunities, a profile builder, simple job applications, and helpful resources for the workplace.

At the end of the day, success is born from a diverse workforce of individuals with different strengths, backgrounds, and ideas. We hope this blog helps your organization take practical steps into recruiting more diverse candidates so that our global workplace can be a better workplace for all. 

About Kuhn Global Talent

Kuhn Global Talent is a global search firm, and has effectively completed hundreds of searches since 2011 and provided clients with extraordinary recruiting investment value. Jim’s global business knowledge and cross-cultural agility are particularly valued by U.S.-based companies building leadership teams in the US and other countries, and by non-U.S. companies desiring a cross-culturally sensitive search approach to confidential searches in their home countries and in their U.S.-based affiliates. Jim served as EEO Officer at Alcon Laboratories and Cole National Corporation and has deep experience and credibility with EEO and OFCCP officials as well as with corporate executives on Diversity and Inclusion.


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