How Different is Recruiting in the US VS. Elsewhere?

Domestic vs. international recruiting is almost like comparing apples and oranges.

When hiring from one’s own home country, there’s an inherent familiarity and understanding of how “things work.” That’s not to say it’s automatic or easy, but many complications are removed from the scenario.

With global recruitment, first and foremost, you must consider factors such as culture, language, business practices, timing, restrictions, and various processes.

On top of that, consider what happens when US companies expand to international markets: At a glance, a strictly domestic workforce would mean uprooting families, spending on travel, and filling in cultural learning gaps over a lengthy period.

This blog will look at the many factors that make international recruitment more challenging than its domestic counterpart

Why is it Harder to Recruit Internationally?

Time Zone Issues

Given how challenging it is to run a business, having to navigate multiple time zones to organize interviews is a tricky notion. Candidates from China or the EU shouldn’t have to wake up at 4 am for a job interview when they should be sleeping. Alternatively, you shouldn’t plan these interactions during dinner time with your family.

Establishing Connections

Even establishing domestic connections and maintaining a foothold in those networks is a tricky task in and of itself. Having to do the same thing in a foreign land where you have a minimal social footprint sounds like a full-time job. Unfortunately, endless other operations require your focus, on top of domestic recruitment. Forging international inroads isn’t impossible, but it’s reasonable to assume you’ll need some help along the way. Usually, you’re best served by a global recruiting agency, which will be discussed in detail later.

Finding Candidates

This issue overlaps with the above section. After all, finding exceptional international candidates can’t happen without connections in those communities. There’s one other distinct obstacle you’ll face when seeking out international talent: Given international recruitment’s various cultural nuances, how are you supposed to know what makes a qualified candidate in a non-domestic country?

Think about it: In the US, immigrants who are doctors in their home country end up working fast-food jobs. Qualifications don’t necessarily translate the same way; getting up to speed requires a thorough understanding of these unique intricacies.

Understanding Cultural Differences

Misunderstandings and confusion tend to stem from lacking an understanding of somebody’s culture. For instance, in some countries, it’s considered good manners to avoid eye contact. A rich tapestry of cultural customs exists internationally, all of which could be misinterpreted or lost in translation. Someone only familiar with domestic recruitment might be opposed to hiring an exceptional international candidate due to unwittingly misinterpreting culture-based behaviors.

How to Successfully Recruit Internationally

 Something frequently referred to throughout this blog is how trying to DIY international recruitment is a fool’s errand. Far too many variables exist, and your domestic recruitment team has its own responsibilities to manage. 

Furthermore, global expansion is a significant investment. Success dictates top-tier talent in new locations filling vital roles and aid in your organization’s growth.

This begs the question, “what’s the best way to recruit internationally?”

For many globally expanding organizations, working with a qualified global recruiter ensures the most successful candidate placement for each specific position. 

Global recruiters, such as Kuhn, possess a wealth of international experience, cultural sensitivity, integrity, and worldwide connections.

Speaking of KGT, we’ve specialized in helping place candidates in China, the Americas, the EU, and India for years. We’ve established a variety of valuable contacts, successfully recruiting specialists and highly skilled professionals.

Lastly, we work around the clock. Meaning that time zone issues don’t exist, helping us maintain connections with leaders in a diverse array of industries.

Call Jim Kuhn for a brief, no-cost consultation on recruiting for your open positions across the world.

About Kuhn Global Talent

Kuhn Global Talent is a global search firm, and has effectively completed hundreds of searches since 2011 and provided clients with extraordinary recruiting investment value. Jim’s global business knowledge and cross-cultural agility are particularly valued by U.S.-based companies building leadership teams in the US and other countries, and by non-U.S. companies desiring a cross-culturally sensitive search approach to confidential searches in their home countries and in their U.S.-based affiliates.

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