Kuhn Global Talent Launches Brand New Website

As you may have noticed, we did something exciting with our website…we completely redesigned and relaunched it!

This was a very strategic, important, and necessary decision to help better support our clients and job seekers as they continue to leverage Kuhn Global Talent as their recruiting partner.

Our new and improved website makes it easier for visitors to:

  • Navigate the website
  • Understand why we are trusted and successful in six separate practice areas
  • View educational content
  • Enjoy a much better user experience

Why Launch a New Website?

If we go back to December 2020, one of our new year’s resolutions was to take the next step in growing our brand by providing a streamlined web experience and execute our digital transformation strategy.

As COVID-19 continued to slow-down the economy, we felt it was the perfect time to get moving on our digital marketing resolutions.

We spent months planning our new website, constantly looking for ways to optimize the user experience. At Kuhn Global Talent, we put our clients and job seekers at the heart of everything we do, our website was no exception. Our goal was to create a visually appealing website that is super easy to navigate and insightful for hiring manager clients and job seekers.
Here are a few of the meaningful changes we made:

  • We went from six to five items in our top navigation bar
  • Wrote all new, user-friendly content
  • Added more contact buttons so it’s easier than ever to reach Kuhn Global Talent
  • Applied web best practices to ensure our website loads faster and is accessible for all

What Did the Old Kuhn Website Look Like?

In 2011, we launched our first website. This was such an incredibly exciting time for everyone at Kuhn Global Talent because it was our first step into having a “digital presence”. We have definitely come a long way!

A few years after our first successful website launch, we decided to give it a refresh, literally putting “relationship-based recruiting” at the front of our website.

One thing you will notice that is consistent with all of our website launches is that our relationship-based recruiting is always the focal point of our messaging. Since 2011our goal is still to be a true extension of your team to help you achieve your hiring goals.

We sincerely hope you find our new website to be an improvement from the old one. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates to our digital marketing strategy which will include:

  • Monthly thought-leadership blogs
  • Insightful newsletters covering industry news, KGT updates, and more!
  • Social media profile refreshes

About Kuhn Global Talent

Kuhn Global Talent is a global search firm, and has effectively completed hundreds of searches since 2011 and provided clients with extraordinary recruiting investment value. Jim’s global business knowledge and cross-cultural agility are particularly valued by U.S.-based companies building leadership teams in the US and other countries, and by non-U.S. companies desiring a cross-culturally sensitive search approach to confidential searches in their home countries and in their U.S.-based affiliates.

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