Kuhn Global Talent: Our Essential Daily Reading List

With all of the turmoil that 2020 stirred up in our personal and professional lives, staying acutely and accurately in tune with developments in our respective industries became more crucial (and difficult) than ever before. 

How do you stay current on news that is important to your work and your life?

If I had several hours each morning, I would read the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, several sources of spiritual inspiration, and information about emotional agility and leadership.

As it is, I am only able to devote about an hour each day to finding and absorbing what I consider essential news before launching into intensive search work.

As the new year waits right around the corner, we wanted to help you curate your list of essential news sources to save you some time, enhance your sources of information, and, hopefully, make your days a little bit more manageable. 

After years of trial and error, here’s what I’ve refined my essential daily reading list to each morning: 

The Factual 


The Factual is a daily newsletter providing unbiased coverage of trending stories. What makes this newsletter unique is that their technology automatically analyzes how credible a story is based on diversity of sources, factual tone of writing, author’s expertise, and more. You can try a free two-week trial and see how you like it. 

McKinsey & Company 


McKinsey has been on my daily reading list for years, and I highly recommend them to everyone in my network. 

PE Hub 


PE Hub provides an insightful Daily Snapshot of the global Private Equity and Venture Capital sectors.



The Owler is unique in that it provides a daily snapshot of curated stories relating to companies you chose to follow.


Coatings, Plastics, and Packaging News

Here are a few free sources of the latest developments in the coatings, plastics, and packaging industries:

The Resource for the Global Coatings Industry – Coatings World

About Us | packagingdigest.com



Medical Media & Marketing


Medical Media & Marketing is my go-to source for a timely source of news, analysis and trends in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing.

Recruiting Brainfood

https://www.recruitingbrainfood.com/Recruiting Brainfood

I keep current on the latest in global recruiting by reading Hung Lee’s insights on Recruiting Brainfood whenever I get the chance. 

Collaborative Fund

Blog · Collaborative Fund

The Collaborative Fund Blog consistently enthralls me with its concise, clear insights for entrepreneurs. 

The 3-2-1 Newsletter


This is a free, weekly newsletter and serves as a healthy spark of wisdom to start your workday off right.


And, thus, our list is concluded!


But what about your list? We are all looking for factual, fast, and free (or low cost) information from credible sources.

Please share what your reading list is in the comments so we can spread the word!

With thanks and good wishes for your health and holidays, 


Jim Kuhn

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