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The Importance of Due Diligence for Job Seekers
Hiring is a two-way transaction.  Hiring managers and company HR pros are collecting information about candidates that will enable them to make the best selection decisions....
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Why the Modern CHRO is One of the Hardest Roles in the C-Suite (And How You Can Make it Easier)
There are myriad reasons why the above title is true, but here are just a few to get us started: You have to possess a deep...
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Kuhn Global Talent: Our Essential Daily Reading List
With all of the turmoil that 2020 stirred up in our personal and professional lives, staying acutely and accurately in tune with developments in our...
Volunteering Enriches our Relationships with Others
Typically, we reserve our blog topics to concerns centered around the recruiting world and the industries in which we specialize here at Kuhn Global Talent.  But,...
Why the Gig Economy Could Change Hiring as We Know It (Part 2)
If there was one thing that Part 1 of this blog made crystal clear, it's that the gig economy is inching closer to the 'norm'...
Why the Gig Economy Could Change Hiring as We Know It (Part 1)
By definition, the gig economy is a labor market sustaining itself with short-term contracts and freelance work instead of permanent jobs. The term “gig” tells you...
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