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Relationship-based recruiting acting as a true extension of your team to help achieve your goals, win you talent, grow your business, and provide expert guidance along the way.

we’re more than just recruiters

Make no mistake about it—we’re HR people to our core. We think, breathe, and care about people before anything else. But that’s not all we are. 

We’re also industry people. For over 25 years, we’ve been polishing our expertise and sharpening our recruiting tools in many different industries all across the world. We know the ins and outs of your field. We know both the challenges and the opportunities you face. And, most importantly, we know how to identify the right people who can step in on day one and make a difference.


We know how hard hiring can be on your own.

Today, competition for leading talent is extremely fierce, especially in certain industries. An organization can face many different hiring obstacles that can limit their ability to effectively grow. At Kuhn Global Talent, we help you walk right over those obstacles as if they were never there in the first place. If any of these concerns sound familiar, give us a call today to learn how we can help.

  • Hiring talent on a timeline that works for you
  • Engaging and attracting top passive candidates
  • An overworked internal hiring department


Over the years, we've done a little bit of everything. But we do specialize and have vast networks of top talent and key relationships in select industries. You can learn more about each one below.




We work quickly to understand your company culture, organizational goals and the current experience and skillset required for the career opportunity. We then work effectively to provide valuable, qualified candidates for your selection process.


Our active use of modern recruiting tools allows us to be on the lookout for professionals that exhibit a high level of expertise, creativity, leadership and success. We constantly engage with individuals and groups to stay connected to trends across a variety of industries to better isolate the skillsets you need.


The success rate of our placements is not limited to the initial hiring but extends beyond to see the long term engagement between the company and the candidate. We stay connected with placed candidates and find that even after two or three years they are still happy, often have been promoted, and are enjoying professional success.


At Kuhn Global Talent, we believe our purpose is to connect individuals and companies so they build meaningful relationships that provide growth and value. We view our relationship with you the same way. 

Everything we do, every service we provide is built upon the foundation of candidate quality and ironclad relationships. We firmly believe the quest for talent is best pursued, not in cyberspace, but in building and sustaining long-term relationships based upon personal trust and genuine care. When you partner with us, we commit ourselves to this fundamental standard for each step in the search process.


$10B coatings & specialty chemicals company
$10B coatings company
President/ CEO

“Jim has recruited for me since 2004, first as a direct report, and then as a third-party recruiter at two other companies. He is an exceptional recruiter because he consistently earns my TRUST, and the TRUST of hiring managers, HR business partners, and candidates, and he delivers results with SPEED and VALUE.”

$900M global manufacturer of specialty chemicals
$900M global manufacturer of specialty chemicals

“Jim’s commitment, trustworthiness, and results make him someone I continue to partner with. He has completed over 60 searches in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions for my previous company; and I recently engaged Jim to lead the talent management component of an acquisition project for a Private Equity firm.”

$500M global manufacturer in the paper and pulp industry
$500M global manufacturer in the paper and pulp industry
VP of HR

“Jim is unique in that he is able to directly and successfully recruit in the US, Europe, and Asia. Jim’s greatest value is his ability to confidentially attract passive candidates and sell them on the opportunity with our company. We engaged Jim on several searches in the US, Canada, Belgium, and China and will continue to rely upon him as a preferred third-party recruiter.”

$850M global manufacturer of specialty chemicals & polymer materials
$850M global manufacturer of specialty chemicals & polymer materials
VP of HR

“Jim has been an exceptional partner with our organization; he took the time to understand our organization and needs to be able to provide us with candidates who were clear fits for our needs, finding candidates for high-level domestic and international roles.. He went above and beyond to ensure that both my company, and our candidates, were cared for. If you are seeking a partner who is committed, responsive, and effective–I highly recommend Jim.”

$50M global environmental services company based in Europe
$50M global environmental services company based in Europe

“Jim confidentially recruited a new President for the Americas Region of my company. I talked to a previous colleague in another industry sector who recruited an American President for his company a while ago and he recommended me to get in touch with Kuhn Global Talent in Ohio. I went over and met with Jim and quickly developed trust in him. He found and presented three solid candidates to me within a short time, and I selected one of them who had previous experience in our type of industry. Even with the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, we successfully hired a uniquely well qualified individual.”


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